Chatkit FAQ

Communication is everything. Look here and find answers to your questions.

Should I use Chatkit?

Yes! Some examples of Chatkit use cases include:

  • Adding social chat features to your app, whether 1-1 or group chat.
  • Collaborative apps where collaborators can chat with one another.
  • Building an app or service that includes chat support to your users.

When will Chatkit be ready for me to use?

Check it out here right now! If you have specific feature requests, please let us know!

Where and how are messages, rooms, and users stored?

See our Beta Terms. If you have any questions or concerns, contact

What are the usage limits?

There are certain limits that will be in place at least for the beta, detailed below:

  • Max users in a room: 100
  • Max message size: 5KB
  • Max `custom_data` size when creating users: 5KB
  • Max number of messages retrieved on resuming a room subscription: 100
  • Max users that can be added or removed per HTTP request: 10
  • Max room name length: 60 characters
  • Max number of messages retained: Unlimited during beta
  • Max days messages retained: Forever during beta

If you’re planning on exceeding these limits, please reach out directly to our team at so that we can get your feedback and understand your use case better. Note these usage limits may be subject to change during the beta.

How will pricing work?

During the beta, it’s free! We’d love to chat with you to better understand your use cases, as the production pricing model is being developed.

Chatkit is nice, but can it do X? I have a feature request, what should I do?

Just ask us! Email us at We’d love to hear your requests.

Can I use Chatkit in production?

We are looking for use cases between 100 and 10000 users, but would love to understand your specific needs in order to best serve you. Please reach out to us so we may better evaluate your particular use case while we are still in beta at

Is there an SLA while in beta?

We strive for 99.9% uptime, but while we are in beta we may encounter a few extra hiccups. Please check out our Beta Product Terms and if you have any questions or concerns, contact

Do you support Emojis?

😍 🤗 💯 (in short, yes)

Can I send videos, GIFs and images via Chatkit?

Absolutely! You can find out more about how to do this here .

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