Useful Resources

A list of official and community resources that will help you get started integrating Chatkit into your web or native applications.

Official Pages

  • Homepage - Information about the company and the product
  • Dashboard - Create and manage instances of Chatkit
  • Documentation - Learn more about the Chatkit API
  • Support - Get support for Chatkit from the Pusher team

Client SDK

These development kits are typically used in client facing applications. They are responsible for fetching and managing data from chat room subscriptions. Provides an interface to connect a user to the Chatkit servers and receive real time updates for received message, user presence and typing indicators etc.

  • Javascript - Get started with Chatkit in the browser
  • Swift - Get started with Chatkit in a native Mac or iOS app
  • Android - Get started with Chatkit in a native Android app

Server SDK

These development kits typically accompany the client SDKs. They are responsible for creating and authenticating users as well as other admin tasks such as managing roles and permissions. You will need the private key for your instance to use these SDKs; which can be found in the dashboard.

  • Node - The most comprehensive Chatkit server side SDK
  • Ruby - Interact with the Chatkit API using Ruby
  • Go - Golang client for Chatkit server operations
  • PHP - Still under development server side implementation


Software built on top of Chatkit to demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of various features, as well as provide examples of how to integrate the SDK into your project.


Articles, videos and other resources that offer instruction on how to get started with Chatkit on numerous platforms and with various technology stacks.


Here are some apps in production that exemplify certain features and use cases.

  • Travamigos - a travel app which connects groups of adventurers


Some examples of developers around the world are taking Chatkit and making open source software that compliments and enhances it to suit their needs.

Sponsored Libraries

  • react-chat-ui - A library of React components for building chat UI