Chatkit UI Kit

We’re proud to present you the UI Kit for Chatkit - a set of design components for building messaging features in mobile apps.

Chatkit UI Kit header image

The UI kit is a completely free to use design system for chat interfaces, available as a Sketch file. It covers messaging components such as:

  • Conversation interfaces
  • Message components
  • Message entry field
  • Conversation headers
  • Contact lists

The design considers all features of Chatkit, including: user presence, typing indicators, read cursors, multipart message structure, and more.

All provided components have customizable schemes such as colour and shadows, and come with measurements and a grid system for easier implementation.

In addition to the components themselves, the UI Kit also comes with a set of showcase designs for messaging features in different types of apps, like delivery, marketplace, and classroom use-cases.

You can download it here.