Adding multi-user interactions to your app with realtime updates provides a more realistic and social experience to your users. For example, a VR experience can change in realtime after a particular user performs a specific action. We host and scale realtime connections so you can focus on building your app and delighting your users.

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What can you build with Channels

Multi-device AR Experience

Trigger realtime changes after events are performed on specific devices to enhance the AR experience.

Multi-device VR Experience

Trigger realtime changes in VR experiences whenever events happen on particular devices.

Dynamic Geotracking for AR

Impact the realtime experience of other users or a selected group of users whenever a device changes location.

Multiplayer Game Sync

Enable realtime multiplayer experiences across different devices to seamlessly improve the gaming experience.

The easiest way to bolster your gaming apps

Add multi-device interactions that update in realtime to improve user experiences and enhance the social component of your product.

Realtime Communication

Monitor and track information in realtime with less than 240ms of latency.

Presence Channels

Gauge a user’s online or offline status by adding them to presence channels that you control access to.

Cross-Device Messaging

Use more than 30 API libraries to collaborate on almost any platform. You can also build your own libraries if you’d like.

We speak your language

Adding multi-user interactions to your apps makes life easier for your users. For example, you can use AR to identify which car is assigned to you in a ride-booking app or to figure out where your friend is. With Channels, we host and scale realtime communications so you can focus on delivering stronger gaming experiences.

Whether you’re building an amazing game or the next transformative VR experience, Channels brings realtime features to your apps. Use your favorite language or framework without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.