Enabling multi-user interactions into your product with realtime updates can provide a more realistic and social experience to your users. For example, if a VR experience changes in realtime following the behaviour of a particular user. We host and scale realtime connection while you focus on building your product.

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Realtime game

What can you build with Channels

Multi-device AR Experience

Events in specific devices will trigger realtime changes in the AR experience.

Multi-device VR Experience

Trigger realtime changes in a VR experience when events happen on particular devices.

Dynamic Geotracking for AR

Changing a device location will impact the experience of other users or a selected group of users.

Multiplayer Game Sync

Enabling realtime multiplayer experiences across different devices in the same gaming experience.

Providing you with the tools that best fit your project

Add multi-device interactions that update in realtime your experiences and enhance the social component of your product.

Realtime Communication

Monitor and track information in realtime with a latency under 240ms.

Presence Channels

Manage channel by granting/revoking access to private members or groups.

Cross-Device Messaging

Over 30 API libraries permit collaboration from almost any platform.

We speak your language

But adding multi user interactions can be handy for your users too, for example, using AR to identify which car is assigned to you in a ride-booking app or to discover the location of your friend. With Channels, we host and scale the realtime communications while you focus on the game development.

Whether you’re building an amazing game or the next VR experience service, Channels brings realtime features to your app. You can use your favourite language or framework without the need of managing the infrastructure.