Crafting chat and communication systems with realtime features is easy with Channels. From group chat to private realtime messaging, Channels helps you to build complex features like ephemeral chat, encrypted messages, online presence or typing indicators. We host and scale realtime connections while you focus on building your product.

Chatting apps

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1-1 chat

What can you build with Channels

1-1 Messaging

Create private chat rooms for 1:1 conversations.

Group Messaging

Create group chat rooms for conversations between multiple users.

Ephemeral Messaging

Create conversations around messages that automatically disappear after triggering a particular event.

Anonymous Messaging

Enable conversations between incognito users.

Online Presence

Display online status in the room by binding to presence events.

Typing Indicators

Exhibit typing events to show current room activity.

Providing you with the tools that best fit your project

Build a chat app for iOS, Android or web with realtimes features that will enhance the social experience of your users.

Cross platform messaging

Cross-Platform Messaging

Over 30 client and server API’s including JavaScript, Swift, Java and PHP.

In-app Notifications Android and iOS

Notify your users

Send In-app notifications when there are new messages in other rooms in your iOS and Android Apps.

Private Channel

Private Channels

Restrict access to a channel and control only authorised members to join.

We speak your language

A realtime featured-rich chat app will make it easier for users to interact with each other, increasing the time they spent and consequently build an engaged community.

Whether you’re building a group chat or a private messaging service, Channels brings realtime features to your app. You can use your favourite language or framework without the need of managing the infrastructure.