Users are more mobile than ever before, which creates new opportunities for developers. Using realtime technologies, you can display the moving location of your food delivery service, share your dynamic gelocation data with a friend, or even create a geofence that triggers alerts when you enter or exit specific physical areas. We host and scale realtime connections so you can focus on building your app.

Realtime maps
Share location Android and iOS

What can you build with Channels

Realtime Mapping

Share, track, and display realtime location map coordinates from any device.

Location Sharing

Let users share their realtime locations in private and public channels.

Geofencing Realtime Alerts

Trigger realtime events when users enter or exit a predetermined geographical area.

Dynamic Geotracking for AR

Changing a device’s location can impact the AR experience of other users or selected groups of users.

The easiest way to leverage realtime location data

Build realtime features for your product based on the geolocation of users and devices.

Push notifications Android and iOS

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to apps even when they’re not open.

Cross platform messaging

Cross-Platform Messaging

Use more than 30 client and server APIs to connect web, mobile, and smart devices.

Realtime analytics

Realtime Monitoring

Track devices with less than 240ms of latency—anywhere in the world.

We speak your language

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with technology. Users are now accustomed to dynamic experiences where information flows instantly, creating a tremendous opportunity for companies that adapt to this new reality to delight users with features that makes their lives easier.

Whether you’re building a map tracker or a geolocation notification service, Channels brings realtime features to your apps. Use your favorite language or framework without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.