Trading Platforms

In high-volatility trading markets, order-by-order data is essential. Realtime data enables traders to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. With Channels, you can display realtime trade and data visualizations for your trading platform. We host and scale realtime connections and publish messages so you can focus on building your app.

Collaborative text editor
Live commentary and activity feeds

What can you build with Channels

Order Books

Fill order books with the most up-to-date buy and sell orders.

Realtime Tickers

Power the latest trades and market changes to show price fluctuations in realtime.

Realtime Data Visualizations

Share current market trends with real time graphs.


Deliver trade notifications and order confirmations in realtime.

Live Chat

Create group chat rooms for conversations between multiple traders.

The easiest way to add realtime features to trading apps

Enhance the trading experience for your users by adding realtime features to web, iOS, and Android apps.

Cross platform messaging

Manage and Scale

Grow your user base while delivering high message rates without worrying about scale.

Presence channels

Cross-Platform Messaging

Use over 30 client and server APIs to support collaboration from any device and on any operating system.

Realtime analytics

Speed to Market

Leverage our developer-friendly API and experience the quickest and easiest integration, testing, and speed to market.

We speak your language

The internet has evolved to the point where users expect information to flow seamlessly. This presents a tremendous opportunity to companies that move quickly to enable users to provide a sense of connection between their users by letting the view, share, and collaborate in realtime.

Whether you’re building a data dashboard app or a collaborative document editing service, Channels brings realtime features to your apps. Use your favorite language or framework while we manage the infrastructure.