Social & Collaboration

Social features that update in realtime can be complicated to build—especially at scale. Channels makes it easy to create activity feeds that update in realtime for your new social network, enable live comments and interactions for a sports event, or launch a poll that updates in realtime. We host and scale realtime connections so you can focus on building great apps.

Collaborative text editor
Live commentary and activity feeds

What can you build with Channels

Live Comments

Create a comment feed for a document, a social post, or a media piece so that users can collaborate in realtime through persistent comments.

Realtime Feeds

Build personalized activity feeds of interactions that update in realtime.

Realtime Polls

Create engaging social polls that display realtime results.


Deliver realtime notifications to your users to keep them engaged with your product.

Realtime Interactions

Build social interactions like status reactions, live comments, and realtime polls.

Live Text Collaboration

Enable realtime text synchronization in your product to allow multiple users to work together on the same documents concurrently.

Realtime Presence Counter

Display the number of users interacting with a specific content piece in your product.

The tools that best fit your project

Create amazing features that update your app’s UI in realtime while keeping users more engaged with relevant and contextual information.

Cross platform messaging

Cross-Platform Messaging

Over 30 client and server APIs support collaboration from any device and on any operating system.

Presence channels

Presence Channels

Restrict access and ensure only authorized users can join and collaborate.

Realtime analytics

Datadog Analytics

Oversee and analyze your service with complex realtime dashboard metrics available through a robust Datadog integration.

We speak your language

Today, the internet delivers a dynamic experience where information flows seamlessly without users needing to click a refresh button. This evolution creates a tremendous opportunity for companies to provide a sense of connection between users by enabling them to view, share, and collaborate in real time.

Whether you’re building a data dashboard app or a collaborate document editing service, Channels makes it easy to bring realtime features that scale to your app. Use your favorite language or framework to get started quickly and let us worry about managing the underlying infrastructure.