Beams Overview

Beams makes it easy to send push notifications to iOS and Android apps. It takes the hassle out of managing device tokens and interacting with Apple and Google's messaging services. With Interest subscriptions to notify segmented devices in each request and delivery SLAs offered on premium plans, it's built to scale.

Example Use Cases

Our powerful API and SDKs make Beams the developer-friendly tool to send push notifications.

Many mobile automation tools encourage sending promotional notifications which feel like spam and cause users to unsubscribe.

With Beams, you can programmatically trigger push notifications based on actual in-app activity to keep users engaged with your app, such as:

  • Progress through a food delivery, ride-sharing, or any other logistical delivery app
  • Scores in a game or news alerts sent in realtime from a server to the interested clients
  • Social engagement like comments, likes, or interactions inside of an app
  • Transactional notifications for e-commerce, fintech, or any other marketplace app

Main Features

In addition to being able to send unlimited push notifications to iOS or Android, here are the main features of the service:

  • Managed device tokens
  • Subscribe devices to Device Interests in order to send segmented push notifications
  • Send notifications at high volume instantly with Delivery SLAs on premium plans

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started with Pusher Beams:

Interactive quick start guide in Dashboard

Head over to the Pusher dashboard and create a new instance of Pusher Beams. After that, you will be taken to our interactive quick start guide.


Or if you would prefer, you can skip the interactive quick start and follow the steps here in the documentation: